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How Do I Update My Phone Number? πŸ“ž
How Do I Update My Phone Number? πŸ“ž

How do I update my phone number?

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We understand that life is full of changes, and that includes phone numbers! But don't worry, updating your preferred phone number is quick and easy on My Portal. 😎

Tap 'Manage Policy'

To update your email address, open My Portal and tap on the policy you would like to update. Next, select the β€˜Manage Policy’ button.

Tap 'Update Phone Number'

From here, navigate to and tap on the 'Update Phone Number' icon.

Update your phone number

Select 'Change' and type in your new contact number, clicking 'Update' to save your changes. Voila! Your contact details, including your phone number, have been successfully updated πŸŽ‰

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