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Am I Entitled to a Courtesy Vehicle? πŸ›ž
Am I Entitled to a Courtesy Vehicle? πŸ›ž
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Certain policies include a built-in replacement vehicle feature within the insurer's coverage. To determine if you have this benefit, it's essential to review your policy wording. πŸ“„

However, typically, courtesy vehicles are not a standard offering. πŸ˜”

For the majority of our policies, coverage for a courtesy vehicle is an optional add-on. If you've opted for this enhanced feature, kindly refer to the linked article to learn more about the claiming process πŸ“œπŸ”„.

Add cover to my policy πŸ’³

If you don't have courtesy vehicle coverage and would like to add it to your policy, you just need to give our friendly 'addons team' a call on:

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