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Where Is My Certificate Of Insurance? 🏆
Where Is My Certificate Of Insurance? 🏆

How Do I Find My Certificate Of Insurance?

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Your Certificate of Insurance is included within your policy documents emailed to you at he start of your policy term. 🎬

You can access these documents and your Certificate of Insurance at anytime through My Portal. 📲

Tap on 'My Documents'

To locate your Certificate of Insurance, tap on the relevant policy under the ‘Policy’ section and toggle open the 'My Documents' tab. ⬇️

Tap on 'Policy Documents'

Next, tap on ‘Policy Documents’ and a list will slide up with all documents associated with your policy. ⬇️

Download or view 'Policy Documents'

Lastly, tap on the document titled 'Policy Documents' which contains your policy overview, details as well as the Certificate Of Insurance. Voila! ✅

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