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How Do I See My Historic Payments? ⬇️
How Do I See My Historic Payments? ⬇️
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You can view your historic / previous payments at anytime within the 'Wallet' tab in My Portal. 📲

Open the 'Wallet' tab

To view your historic payments, open My Portal and tap on the 'Wallet' icon on the bottom toolbar. 💳

Tap on 'Historic'

Ensure 'Historic' is toggled open. Here you will see a list of previous payments for your policies. You will be able to see the amount and date of each transaction. 🧾

Additional information

Previous transactions are also identifiable by the green 'tick', confirming a successful payment. If the payment was not successful, a red 'exclamation mark' will show instead. ✅

Upcoming and historic transactions for all policies are grouped together within the 'Wallet' tab. You can view the individual payment schedules for each policy by tapping on the relevant policy in the 'Policy' tab, followed by tapping on the 'Wallet' sub category.

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