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Breakdown Cover πŸ’₯
Breakdown Cover πŸ’₯
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What is breakdown cover? πŸ’₯

Breakdown cover covers you in the event that your vehicle suffers a breakdown due to an electrical or mechanical failure, lack of fuel, accident, vandalism, fire, theft, or attempted theft to the vehicle.

Am I covered? πŸ›‘οΈ

Breakdown cover is an additional extra (addon) that can be purchased alongside your main insurance policy with us. You can check whether you have breakdown cover by visiting the My Portal app and tapping on the 'addons' tab.

Add cover to my policy πŸ’³

Adding breakdown cover to your policy is super easy, you just need to give our friendly 'addons team' a call on:

Types of breakdown cover? πŸ’¨

Roadside Assistance & Recovery: Covering breakdowns which occur more than a one-mile radius from your home address, covers for you and your vehicle to be recovered to the nearest garage, your home or original destination up to 20 miles from the scene of the breakdown.

Home Start & National Recovery: In addition to the cover provided with Local cover, your vehicle will be covered at your registered home address or within a one-mile radius of your home address. Your vehicle can also be recovered to your home address, or if you would prefer, your original destination within the UK.

UK & EU Recovery: In addition to the cover provided with National cover, your vehicle will also be covered within European territories.

..if you're uncertain which type of breakdown cover you have, don't worry, you can find out in the My Portal app too πŸ“±

How to claim? πŸ“„

In the event that you've broken down and need assistance, you should take the following steps:

  • Make sure you're safe

    In the event of an incident, move your vehicle to a secure location, switch off the engine, turn on hazard lights, and ensure all occupants are safe.

  • Take down details

    Make a note of your contact number (or an alternate), the vehicle registration, and the exact location of the vehicle for record-keeping.

  • Call to claim

    Call the claims team as soon as possible, and the team will coordinate the recovery of your vehicle efficiently.

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